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15 Quirky Places to Visit on Your Next Colorado Family Road Trip

The family that plays together, stays together (in a dinosaur-themed hotel)

You know all about Colorado, right? Its mountains, its rivers, its history. These are all things that make the state special, make it memorable. But some of those special memories can’t be found on your average map. There are many more hidden treasures waiting to be found in the Colorado you thought you knew.

They are big, like the historic railroad hidden behind a local grocery store in Trinidad, and small, like the tiny mythical elf hidden in plain sight on the wall of Denver’s Museum of Nature and Science. “Let’s go to the zoo,” takes on a whole new meaning when the animals are made of metal. An afternoon at the museum can be anything from gazing at cars-turned-artworks to exploring the mysteries of Bigfoot. Even a trip to the comic book store can be filled with surprises.

Colorado is the perfect place to plan your next family road trip itinerary that’s off the beaten path. Just because it’s a family vacation doesn’t mean it can’t have a bit of quirkiness. In fact, sometimes they’re better that way. These 15 places are for those who like their family time to be scheduled via sundial, who like their carousels to take them back in time, and their hotels to celebrate the area’s paleontological wonders.  


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