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The statue of Francisco Pizarro in the Parque de la Muralla in Lima.
Cercado de Lima, Peru

Francisco Pizarro Statue

A monument to the conquistador became increasingly controversial in the very city that he founded.
-12.0445, -77.0271
Inside the library.
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Biblioteca Nacional do Brasil

The largest library in Latin America owes its existence to an Old World earthquake and a Napoleonic invasion.
-22.9097, -43.1754
Rumicolca near Pikillaqta, Cusco Region
Quispicanchi, Peru


The Incas turned this ancient Wari aqueduct into an imposing defensive gate.
-13.6218, -71.7076
The 1948 plaque honoring Hiram Bingham.
Urubamba, Peru

Machu Picchu Discovery Plaques

It took 82 years and four different plaques to finally get the story right.
-13.1631, -72.5450
The Plaza de Toros de Acho
Cercado de Lima, Peru

Plaza de Toros de Acho

This bullring in Lima is the oldest in the Americas and the second-oldest in the world.
-12.0413, -77.0232
Trees surrounding a pond in the Bosque el Olivar
San Isidro, Peru

Bosque el Olivar (Olive Grove Forest)

A pretty park of over 1,600 olive trees that grew from just three saplings brought over from Spain.
-12.1015, -77.0352
An orphaned manatee enjoying her milk at the Amazon Rescue Center
Maynas, Peru

Amazon Rescue Center

Feeding these fat little baby manatees is good for them and good for you.
-3.8172, -73.3224
The Pozo de Yanayacu in Chachapoyas
Chachapoyas, Peru

Pozo de Yanayacu

This well held a sacred source of water supposedly unleashed from the barren rocks by a wizard-like archbishop.
-6.2275, -77.8777
Similar rock formations cover other parts of the hill
Cusco, Peru

Rodadero Slides

Did Inca children also slide down these smooth rocky slopes above Cusco?
-13.5097, -71.9820
The view from the top of Cerro Blanco
Naska pruwinsya, Peru

Cerro Blanco

This unimaginably large pile of sand near Nazca is one of the tallest dunes in the world.
-14.8759, -74.8829
Potosi, Bolivia

Potosí Silver Mines

Mountain of unimaginable riches that bankrolled the Spanish Empire, complete with its own underworld god.
-19.5830, -65.7561
The Rueda Eiffel in Cordoba, Argentina.
Córdoba, Argentina

Rueda Eiffel

An intriguing antique iron Ferris wheel that most locals are sure was designed by Gustave Eiffel.
-31.4300, -64.1805
Yavari in Puno, 2015.
Qullaw pruwinsya, Peru

Steamship Yavari

The 19th-century vessel floats proudly on Lake Titicaca, but its journey from Britain to the Peruvian altiplano was far from smooth sailing.
-15.8010, -69.3851
The Inca Bridge, a backdoor to Machu Picchu.
Urubamba, Peru

Inca Bridge

A backdoor to Machu Picchu that only the most foolhardy infiltrator would attempt to breach.
-13.1704, -72.5441
Butch Cassidy's cabin in the Chubut Province of Argentina
Cushamen, Argentina

Butch Cassidy's Cabin

With the Wild Bunch hunted almost to extinction and the law closing in on him, Butch Cassidy fled to this remote cabin in Argentina.
-42.4396, -71.4257
Castillo de Lamas
Lamas, Peru

Castillo de Lamas

A kitschy Italian medieval-style castle incongruously located amidst one of the most historic towns in the Peruvian Amazon.
-6.4196, -76.5203
Some unnerving faces in Leymebamba Museum
Leymebamba, Peru

Mummies of Museo Leymebamba

Hundreds of mummies in a silent room, some with eerily pained expressions preserved on their faces.
-6.7240, -77.7981
Yumbilla Falls, the fifth tallest waterfall in the world.
Provincia de Bongará, Peru

Yumbilla Falls

The world's fifth tallest waterfall is a spectacular silver chute of water that cuts through the cloud forest in northern Peru.
-5.9181, -77.9091
Versace dress and photos of Diana at MATE, Lima.
Barranco, Peru

The Diana Room

A small, emotionally charged room inside the Mario Testino Museum dedicated to Princess Diana and one famous photo shoot.
-12.1541, -77.0229
Looking down Cotahuasi Canyon.
Unyun pruwinsya, Peru

Cotahuasi Canyon

With nearly double the depth of the Grand Canyon, this Peruvian canyon is one of the deepest in the world.
-15.2041, -72.8992
The Gran Hotel Bolivar in Lima, Peru.
Cercado de Lima, Peru

Gran Hotel Bolivar

Visiting dignitaries and Hollywood stars once stayed at the 1920s hotel, alongside the ghosts that are said to haunt its corridors.
-12.0509, -77.0352
Looking across the circular structure of Pamashto, with the two solstice-aligned openings.
Pamashto, Peru

Ceremonial Center of Pamashto

A circle of stones on a hilltop in Peru’s high jungle, aligned with the winter solstice and largely ignored by archaeologists.
-6.3604, -76.5459
Edinburgh, Scotland

Greyfriars Bobby

The most loyal of little dogs, or a Victorian era publicity stunt?
55.9471, -3.1928
Marionettes hanging in Trujillo's toy museum.
Trujillo, Peru

Museo del Juguete

Peru’s only toy museum houses everything from pre-Inca whistles to lead soldiers and terrifying dolls.
-8.1084, -79.0266