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18 Colorado Adventures That Will Take Your Breath Away (Literally)

From the highest peaks to the most beautiful views, the road less-traveled in Colorado is made for all who seek adventure.

Sometimes, the best adventures can be the ones that take you off of the well-worn paths, and onto the ones still ripe for exploration. In a place like Colorado, where there is still a sense of wildness, of unexplored paths, choosing to take the road less traveled isn’t just a nice idea, sometimes those are the roads that lead you to experiences that you never dreamed you’d have. Experiences that bring you closer to the state’s nature and history, all while leaving the road as rugged as you found it. You want to put your feet on paths that feel a little rocky, where the history of a place lingers in the trees, the sands, the waters.

Colorado is known for its breathtaking landscapes that can be enjoyed in places from cafes to mountain tops, and for some travelers, it’s definitely the latter that gets them excited. After all, the state is the home to over 15 mountain ranges, with 54 peaks that stretch over 14,000 feet skyward (locally referred to as fourteeners or 14ers).

There’s a lot that can be found on this list—from landscapes formed by volcanoes, to those created by the footprints of long-extinct animals; from hidden geysers to the state’s Indigenous histories and cultures that can be found in every corner. Your path is waiting.

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