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7 Real-Life Locations From Christmas Movies

From an iconic leg lamp to an antique escalator in a New York department store.

It’s that time of year when decorations come out of hiding and multicolored lights illuminate frigid December nights. Christmas is in the air, and nothing screams “tis the season” like curling up under a warm blanket and enjoying a classic holiday movie. And for some of those classics, you can visit the places where they were made in real life.

For those visiting Cleveland, Ohio, a trek down 3159 W. 11th St., leads to the house where A Christmas Story was filmed. The home was featured prominently in the 1983 movie and is now a museum dedicated to the film’s legacy. Of course, the iconic leg lamp is one of the props on display—right in the window.

Inside Macy’s flagship store in New York is a set of wooden escalators that have existed since the 1920s. These escalators are a rare piece of architectural history, and they also made a cameo in A Miracle on 34th Street. From the house where Kevin McCallister fended off the Wet Bandits to the bridge that helped inspire It’s a Wonderful Life, these are seven locations from classic holiday films.