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14 Places to Walk in the Footsteps of Dinosaurs

Step into the land before time.

For nearly 200 million years, dinosaurs called every inhabitable part of the globe home, from today’s deserts that were once teeming forests to the sites of our vast, modern metropolises. 

In comparison, we’ve only been around for a blink of an eye, but in our time on Earth we’ve always been fascinated by these creatures. Today their fossilized remains are museum mainstays and the subject of endless research and interest. These exhibits ignite the imagination, but there’s another way to get close to dinosaurs, out in the world. 

Thousands of dinosaur footprints have been fossilized around the world, and in many of these places, visitors can walk along the same paths they once took. From a geodesic dome in Connecticut to a “dance floor” in Bolivia home to the largest collection of dino footprints anywhere, here are 14 places you can really walk on the wild side.