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7 Green Drinks to Celebrate Saint Patrick's Day Wherever You Are

No Guinness? No problem.

Today, on Saint Patrick’s Day, pubs will be bursting at the seams with revelers. Irish abroad and their descendants have seized on March 17 as a day of festivity, holding parades and parties to honor Saint Patrick and everything remotely Irish.

Irish pubs will be decked out in green, a color long associated with Irish pride. For centuries, Irish uprisings used green flags and clothing to signal defiance toward English rule. The color—along with the verdant shamrocks said to have been used by Saint Patrick to represent the Holy Trinity—became a beloved symbol of Irish culture, especially by Irish immigrants in the United States.

But what if there’s no Irish pub in your vicinity? (As unlikely as that may be.) Or what if you’re tired of Guinness, or don’t feel like partaking in that Irish-American specialty, beer dyed a violent, improbable green? Luckily, the world is full of vibrantly green drinks to raise in honor of Ireland. Some, like green chartreuse, are naturally green herbal concoctions. Others, like central New York’s mint milk, are dyed especially for Saint Patrick’s Day. But wherever you are, there’s a green drink to raise in honor of the Emerald Isle.