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20 Cinematic Spots in Italy Worthy of a Fellini Film

Say "Ciao!" to the theatrical, modern, and surreal.

Italian movie director Federico Fellini was relentless in creating memorable feasts for the eyes in his films. Who could forget the opening sequence of La Dolce Vita—in which a statue of Jesus flies over ancient Roman aqueducts, concrete construction sites, and bikini-clad bodies? Or the scene in in which an endless stream of quirky characters sip spa waters in the eye-watering brightness of day? Or when priests roller skated onto the runway in an ecclesiastical fashion show in Roma?

Many of Fellini’s films were shot at a studio on the outskirts of Rome, but Italy is full of real places that evoke his elaborate sets. From modern cemeteries to historic fountains, here are 20 places with a dash of the dramatic, where one can perhaps imagine the movie maestro calling for lights, camera, and action.