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15 Florida Places to Be Nurtured By Nature

The Sunshine State is a non-stop playground for nature-lovers of all ages.

With the exception of snow-covered mountains, Florida is home to a broad range of dazzling ecoregions. Its boundless Everglades, marshlands, mangrove swamps, dense forests, and wide-open prairies are just the beginning when it comes to Florida’s natural beauty—and this list is here to prove it.

The nature-lover in you and your family will find something extraordinary in every corner of the Sunshine State. In North Florida, you can see clusters of rare carnivorous plants, the deepest freshwater springs on earth, and giant epiphytic “love-trees.” Down in South Florida, secluded mangrove boardwalks lead to untouched beaches, tropical plants burst from botanical wonderlands, and a public park sprouts sumptuous fruits. Central Florida is home to sunken gardens, a hidden forest nursery, and a superlative collection of camellias. 

For those infatuated with the natural world, Florida is teeming with earthly splendor. For those not-yet infatuated, you surely won’t leave here the same.

It’s easy to see that the best part about a family vacation in Florida is, well, everything.  Explore more.