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The Ultimate Guide to the World's Food Museums

From pizza to potatoes, these 81 museums pay homage to food history.

There’s nothing quite like a hyper-specific food museum. Unlike your typical sprawling galleries filled with art and artifacts from across the ages, these culinary collections offer deep dives on single subjects, ranging from fries to mustard.

In 2016, Atlas Obscura published a list of 38 food museums. In the time since, our community has added 43 new food museums to the Atlas Obscura database. With this explosion in culinary curiosity, we figured it was time for a new, revamped guide for those looking to make a pilgrimage on behalf of their favorite dish, drink, or condiment. From butter museums in Ireland and Russia to a Japanese factory that houses an actual shrine to a popular rice cracker, these 81 spots highlight local specialties, regional tastes, and worldwide favorites.

Editor’s note: Visit each place’s website or social media to get the latest information on openings, closures, and how to support them. If you do choose to venture out, please follow all guidelines, maintain social distance, and wear a mask.