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11 Unique Amaros and Liqueurs to Level Up Your Aperol Spritz

This summer, try an artichoke tipple with your soda and sparkling wine.

Spritzes, made of sparkling wine, soda water, and amaro, have become synonymous with summer in the United States, and for good reason: They’re light, cold, fizzy, aromatic, and just alcoholic enough. Bright orange Aperol, via Italy, might be the base of choice for most spritz-loving Americans, but I’m here to tell you that there are far more interesting liqueurs to mix into your favorite summer drink.

For the feeling of a warm-weather walk in the woods, try combining wine and soda with Chios mastiha, distilled from sugar and pine resin on a Greek island. Or how about a Super Punch Spritz, fueled by the “Italian Jägermeister” said to convey hints of bubblegum and Robitussin? The history buffs among us might sip on a spritz made of génépi, a Texan distiller’s take on the secret recipe for green Chartreuse that he reconstructed from ancient monastic texts.

Whatever your inclination, there’s a curious tipple for you, and with it, a refreshing way to enjoy it with sparkling wine on a summer day. Spritz up your spritzes with some of our favorite fascinating liqueurs.