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7 Places to Fall in Love With Nintendo

From 8-bit to the big screen.

In 1985, the Japanese game manufacturer Nintendo Company released the video game Super Mario Bros. on the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES). The adventures of the two plumbers cemented the company’s place in gaming history. Their latest endeavor, 2023’s The Super Mario Bros. Movie, has already done more than $500 million in ticket sales worldwide. As a tribute to the company that created everyone’s favorite star-catching, mushroom-stomping duo, here are a few places to dive into the world of Nintendo. 

In Kyoto, Japan, stands a hotel building that was once the first headquarters of Nintendo. Originally known as the Marufuku Co. Ltd, the video game giant began here as a popular trading card company. In Nintendo’s premiere store in Rockefeller Center, New York resides a Game Boy that survived a wartime bombing, but surprisingly, can still play a game of Tetris. From a massive tribute to Mario himself to a 30,000-piece gaming collection, here are a few places to get lost in Nintendo lore.