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The United States of Camping

From an Alabama canyon to a cave in Wyoming, 50 unique places to pitch your tent.

There’s no shortage of camping locations across the United States. From dramatic canyons to sunken forests, lonely fire towers to abandoned resorts, with the right gear and a good attitude, any of these could be your bedroom for the night.

Some of these places offer entertainment in the form of natural light shows. In North Carolina, you can see a synchronized performance by rare blue ghost fireflies. Over in New Mexico, the Cosmic Campground offers an unparalleled glimpse at the wonders of the night sky. Other campgrounds allow campers to experience waterfalls, volcanoes, ancient lakes, and unique ecosystems.

Whether you’re looking to find a bit of wonder on your next camping trip or planning a getaway within your home state, these are 50 fascinating places where you can consider setting up camp.