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Red Bluff

Foxworth, Mississippi

A dramatically eroding canyon thousands of miles from the desert. 


An unexpected find, Red Bluff, more commonly known as the “Little Grand Canyon,” is a rapidly eroding canyon close to Foxworth, Mississippi.

Of course, it’s called Red Bluff because the soil is vivid red and orange, with some purple clay mixed in. The erosion that created the canyon is still active, so active in fact that the original highway had to be moved. The old one is still visible next to the canyon, though now it is barred off to prevent any cars from accidentally driving over it (and possibly deter visitors from taking photos, though that seems to have yielded mixed results).

A hike through the canyon offers many lookout points to admire this unusual landscape. And in addition to the cliffs themselves, the stream that acts as the source of the canyon’s erosion is accessible. Following the stream takes you on a scenic walk through the forest, across a railroad, and ends at the nearby Pearl River. So after working up a sweat hiking through the bluffs, you can cool off by the water.

Know Before You Go

The soil from the bluffs gets everywhere, and it stains everything bright orange. This staining is pretty much impossible to remove, so dress appropriately. Finding the bluffs can be tricky. Keep going north on MS-587 past Morgantown. There's an alcove that is used often for parking (just look for the cars). There is some parking closer to the actual canyon, but figuring out where to turn while driving is difficult since the bluffs are blocked from the highway by trees and the roads are unmarked. 

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