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Abandoned King View Resort

Sa Khu, Thailand

A forsaken beachfront condo abandoned after the Boxing Day Tsunami.  

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This abandoned complex was meant to be a 5-star beachfront resort, the King View. However, the Boxing Day tsunami of 2004 had other plans. When it made landfall, the entire region was forced to evacuate. After recovery efforts, the project was abandoned amidst disagreements between developers and the local government. 

The complex consists of several buildings built on top of a parking complex. The remains of a pool, guest rooms, conference rooms, and dining halls are all visible. The buildings are fascinating (and a bit frightening) to explore as they are desolate and incomplete. There are plenty of hazards such as half-finished staircases and random holes in the ground, so explore cautiously. The views from the top floors are spectacular. 

Know Before You Go

Advice on entry: You can enter from the beach by scrambling up through the bottom floors of the parking garage, but it's not advised. There is a road that leads right up to the entrance on the top floors. Make sure you take several strong light sources if you plan on exploring the parking garage. Even in broad daylight, it's extremely dark and big holes litter the floor and are often filled with water. It's not wise to explore here alone. Wear appropriate clothing, between the rusty rebar and broken walls there are plenty of times you will want to be protected. There's a road that leads right to where the front door would be if it had been completed. There are no signs, ropes or anything indicating the property is off limits.  All indications are that it's a vacated property and legal to enter.

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