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Säve, Sweden

This declassified Cold War bunker hosts a large collection of Swedish aircraft. 


On a field approximately 10 miles (15 kilometers) from Gothenburg lies the defunct Säve Airport. Before 2015, it was a commercial airport, and many of flights came in and out. Even though only helicopters depart from the area nowadays, you can still see the history of the airport and Swedish aviation in general in a bunker next to the runway.

Säve Airport was built in 1940 to be used as a base for the Swedish Air Force during World War II. Along with the airport, a network of underground nuclear-safe bunkers were built in case of an attack.

The military activity ceased in 1969 and the airport opened up to air traffic in 1984. The bunkers were were turned into an aviation history museum in 2005. Now, planes from all ages, but mostly from the Cold War, fill them. Some of the aircraft are even enterable, with flight simulators adapted inside.

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