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Al Karaana Lagoon

Al-Karaana, Qatar

Once a highly polluted body of water has now been transformed into a gorgeous lagoon. 


Al Karaana Lagoon was once a dumping ground for industrial wastewater but now has been treated and transformed into a beautiful oasis.

The lagoon’s name originates from the Arabic term karaa, which means “rainwater” or “freshwater.” Al Karaana was named after a local well that yielded exceptionally clean water.

It is a great place to see a wide variety of birds, fishes, and flora as well as an amazing spot for photography. Another great thing about this place is that unlike most hidden gems outside of Doha which require a 4x4 to visit, Al Karaana can be reached in a sedan, although some off-roading is involved.

Know Before You Go

It's not advisable to visit after sunset. The nearest petrol station is 33 minutes from the area so it's best to keep snacks and take water with you beforehand.

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