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Averara, Italy

Torre della Sapienza (Tower of Wisdom)

This enigmatic piece of art is a mnemonic device from the early Renaissance.
London, England

The Cornhill Devils

These Victorian era devil sculptures were designed to spite a local vicar.
Urgnano, Italy

The Grotesques of Urgnano Castle

Statues portraying anatomical deformities were placed in this garden to foster ethical behavior.
Oneta, Italy

Casa Museo di Arlecchino

The house where Harlequin was born.
Bienno, Italy

Bosco di Quercus

A giant owl named Rocco oversees mythical woodland creatures along these charming mountain trails.
London, England

Michelin House

An ornate and disused early 20th-century building has been given new life as a fully operational structure, complete with offices, oyster bar, and a furniture retailer.
London, England

Deptford Anchor

A much-loved local landmark pays tribute to the shipbuilding past of this area.
Cassiglio, Italy

Ca’ Milesi

This house is adorned with a serenade macabre from the Counter-Reformation period.
Collio, Italy

Miniera Torgola

This decaying complex from the early 1900s was once the site of massive iron and fluorite mines.
Colere, Italy

Via Mala

A prehistoric route that has claimed many victims is now closed to traffic.
Almenno San Bartolomeo, Italy

Collection of Peddler Bicycles

An eclectic collection of highly specialized bicycles once used by artisans for their specific needs.
Bergamo, Italy

'Living Skeletons Scenes'

Six paintings reminding you that death is integral part of everyday life.
Bergamo, Italy

Cappella Colleoni

If you ever wanted to touch a medieval mercenary’s three testicles, look no further.
Schilpario, Italy

Museo dell’Illuminazione Mineraria

A museum entirely dedicated to the evolution of mining lamps.
Bergamo, Italy

Museo del Burattino

A museum entirely dedicated to Bergamo’s tradition of puppetry.
Averara, Italy

Averara Skeletons

Five painted skeletons are hiding behind a church in this tiny village in the Italian Alps.
Vilminore di Scalve, Italy

Gleno Dam

The sinister ruins of one of the worst dam failures of the 20th century lie in this astonishing alpine setting.
Istanbul, Turkey

Haliç Metro Bridge

Taking the subway here means doing so over a bridge located in the middle of an estuary.
Torba, Italy

Faceless Nuns of the Torba Monastery

An unsettling painting of three faceless sisters that is surrounded by history and legend.
Varese, Italy

Grand Hotel Campo dei Fiori

A once-luxurious, now abandoned hotel in the Italian Alps.
Capriate San Gervasio, Italy

Crespi d’Adda Cemetery

A massive mausoleum towers over the gravestones in a 19th-century Italian "model village."
Kemer, Turkey

Hadrian’s Gate

This arch granting triumphal entrance into Antalya was designed to honor the emperor's visit.


At this ancient settlement at the foot of Mount Babadağ, honeycomb tombs are carved into a round cliff.
Tambon Mueang Phan, Thailand

Phu Phra Bat Historical Park

An amalgam of precariously balanced boulders, ancient petroglyphs, and Buddhist shrines.