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Ashcombe Maze

Shoreham, Australia

Australia's largest traditional hedge maze featuring the Great Gnome Hunt. 


Though the Ashcombe maze bears the look of a Victorian era hedge maze, and is, in fact, the “oldest” traditional hedge maze in Australia it dates back only to the 1970s. However, in the last 30 some years, Ashcombe has continued to grow and now is the largest hedge maze in Australia and outsizes the size of traditional hedge mazes were by quite a bit.

With rounded fluffy edges, (clipped back three times a year to keep them nicely sculpted) the nine foot high and six foot wide “Cupresses Macrocarpa” hedges take up a good portion of the over 25 acres Ashcombe occupies.

Among the other sights at Ashcombe are a “Lavender Labyrinth” with over 3000 lavender plants, a circular rose maze with 200 varieties of roses and over 1200 rose bushes. A popular event in the maze is the Great Gnome Hunt, where adults and children alike run around finding and writing down the names of every garden gnome they can find.

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