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Berry Deep Lead Gold Mine

Lawrence, Australia

One of the most successful gold mines of the Victorian gold rush. 


From the 1850s to the late 1900s, the area to the north of Creswick, Victoria was the site of extensive gold mining activity with massive alluvial mining operations in all the gullies and creeks.

Alluvial gold was deposited by water action into creeks and rivers. Over time, these materials became buried below the surface. These buried rivers of gold were called leads. The Berry Lead System was Victoria’s richest alluvial gold lead and ran north from Creswick to the west of Smeaton.

The Berry Company had over six miles (10 kilometers) of tunnels. With over 250 employees, the mines were one of the largest industrial operations in Victoria. It’s believed over 48 tons of gold were extracted from these mines.

Remnants of the Berry Deep Lead Gold Mine include a huge mullock heap, along with a mound of loose stones and dirt from operations. In front of the mullock heap are the remains of a brick pump house that once housed a 70-inch cylinder cornish engine capable of removing 60,000 gallons an hour.

Scattered around the site, visitors will find the remnants of various other buildings, walls, and roads. 

Know Before You Go

The Berry No. 1 mine is located on private property, entry is prohibited. You will get a great view of the pump house and mullock heaps from alongside the Daylesford-Clunes Road.

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