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Big Bunch of Bananas

Cunningham's Bananas & Tomatoes

Roadside display for a popular fruit and vegetable stand. 


Australia is home to more than just a couple of big things. The big country, it has been said, has a love of similarly-oversized objects. The Big Bunch of Bananas is only one of a loosely related set of about 150 sculptures and large structures sprinkled across the country. Most of these, the Big Bunch of Bananas included, serve as some of the country’s top tourist traps and can be found along major roads and highways or between prominent travel destinations.

Coffs Harbour is an entire community built almost entirely around the farming of bananas. The coastal city located on the north coast of New South Wales has a permanent population of about 70,000, but that number swells during the holiday months when others make their way to this popular destination, known also for its beaches.

Formerly located in Sawtell, it makes sense that the Big Bunch of Bananas, which is used as a display advertisement for Cunningham’s Bananas & Tomatoes, a roadside-type stand that sells fresh fruits and vegetables, would move to Coffs Harbour. The town is also home to the Big Banana and some other singular fruits. The stand was relocated from Sawtell when the Pacific Highway bypassed the town, routing most of the stand’s traffic to another area.

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