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Birdhouse Paradise of Bill Larkin is permanently closed.

Birdhouse Paradise of Bill Larkin

Loogootee, Indiana

One man's goal to be surrounded by color resulted in this enchanting assortment of avian abodes. 


In southern Indiana, in the middle of miles and miles of farmland, sits a little dome-shaped house. While you would think that the shape of the house is the biggest oddity of all, as you pull up, you’ll notice something even more exciting.

The building is surrounded by bird houses of varying shapes and sizes. The dazzling array is the collection of Bill Larkin, a retired US Military coder with the simple wish of constantly being surrounded by color.

What started as a gardening endeavor in the early 2000s turned into an architectural masterpiece through the years. Everywhere you look, you find a new bird house that Larkin has either painted or purchased himself, both on his property and in his house. And as a parting gift, Larkin makes sure every single person who walks through his doors leaves with their own personal mini bird house he has hand painted.

Know Before You Go

It feels like you're headed into the middle of nowhere, but if that's how you're feeling, you're going the right way. There is a sign out front of his house directing you to park and wander wherever. And don't forget to say hello!

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