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Broken Glass Villa

Shimmering sea-colored mosaics and Jesus statues cover this opulent building. 


Blue-green chunks of glass adorn this palatial building, transforming it into a beautiful display of both architecture and art. With its opulent facade, the building outshines every other structure that stands in its shadow.

The Broken Glass Villa (Glasscherbenvilla in German, and also sometimes called Ostuzzi Villa) is covered in a mesmerizing mosaic of sea-colored glass artfully arranged in floral and geometric shapes. Broken bits of ceramic plates, vases, and jugs, as well as small Jesus statues, freckle the facade.

The residential building is an eclectic mix of styles. It’s an intriguing blend of neo-Baroque and Art Nouveau architecture, covered by a glimmering medley of waste sourced from the local glassworks plant.

Architect Aristide Ostuzzi built the grand abode in the early 1900s and even lived in it for a while. The housing plans he originally submitted to the city council were for a modest, three-story residential building. Clearly, the architect got a bit carried away, creating something that instead resembles a fairytale castle that shimmers in the sun.

Unfortunately for the beautiful house, it fell into disrepair over time. But thankfully, it was carefully restored in the early 2000s. It’s once again a residential building sure to dazzle any pedestrians who pass by.

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April 10, 2018

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