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Oberweser, Germany

The history of German architecture is explored across this fairy-scale mini-city. 


Spread across a bucolic German garden gallery, Mühlenplatz (Mill Place) in Oberweser, Germany is a miniature city full of buildings from all across the country’s rich and distinctive past that are ready to be lorded over by visiting Gullivers.

Started as nothing more than the hobby of a historic building and miniature enthusiast, the tiny town began growing after its founding back in 1969. As the constructions on the site continued to spread, they soon included little churches, town halls, military forts, and of course mills. The styles of the buildings range in time from ancient German hill forts to medieval castles to relatively modern inns and stables. Each of the buildings is decorated in meticulous detail with each crossbar on every little window recreated, and the textures of the various building materials matching the original in miniature. The effect is nothing short of making visitors feel like insane giants traipsing through a historic rural town.

The peaceful feeling is reenforced by the actual, life-size natural surroundings including a gently pattering creek (over which tiny bridges are built of course), and lush greenery all around. While acting out a kaiju fantasy in a historic German setting sounds like the fever dream of some over imaginative dungeon master, it is a fantasy that is hard to shake among the Lilliputian quietude of the Mühlenplatz. 

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