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Bruno Weber's Weinrebenpark

Dietikon, Switzerland

A mythically themed self-built sculpture park. 


This large sculpture park is the continuing work-in-progess of Bruno Weber.* Made mostly of concrete, Weber’s work is made up of grand-scale ancient and mythical creatures and monsters. He also constructed a great palace known as the Towerhouse, where he and his wife live and work, that looms over the strange exotic world he has created.

Covered in murals, and reminiscent of both an Indian temple and a Gothic cathedral, the interior of the Towerhouse, filled with homemade furniture, is even more whimsical than the sculpture garden. Worried by the threat of modernization swallowing the once sleepy farm village of Dietikon, Weber wanted his park to be a place for the imagination to roam free.

*Bruno Weber died in October 2011. Some of his family still lives at the Towerhouse, but you can visit one room in the main floor of the house. His wife also created several of the mosaic works and lamps in the house and around the park.

Know Before You Go

The park is located at the top of a hill that is only reached by a small road not open to regular traffic. You should park at the public parking near the City Hall in Dietikon: Fondlistrasse 158953 Dietikon and then walk up the hill past several large fields of commnity gardens to the park. However, there are a few parking places for disabled visitors, if you meet that criteria, you can ignore the "no cars" sign on the small path and drive slowly up the hill to the park.

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