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Cambie Climbing Tree

Locals transformed this Canadian evergreen into a secret hangout with spectacular views of Vancouver's skyline. 


A towering Canadian evergreen in a quiet residential neighborhood just outside downtown Vancouver rewards those who climb it with a view and a secret hangout spot. The tree features an amazing vista. Its location is kept secret by the honor-bound locals who love and care for it.

When viewed from outside, though the evergreen is especially tall, it hardly appears out of the ordinary. The tree’s beloved status is immediately evident once one crosses the threshold of its branches and sees all the easily claimable branches and bright orange rope to assist in climbers’ assent. The solid branches have grown close enough together for even a novice climber to make his or her way carefully to the top.

An impressive view of Vancouver’s skyline and the famous North Shore mountains awaits those who reach the top. A panoramic glimpse into West Coast Canadian life while sitting atop an evergreen tree is a uniquely charming experience for travelers and residents. The exact location of this beloved climbing tree is intentionally kept secret.

If you head south from the King Edward Skytrain Station, you’ll likely find the Cambie Climbing Tree (you’ll easily notice its massive size). Once you get to the top, you’re automatically part of an exclusive club.

Know Before You Go

Not everyone is fit enough to climb this tree. If you do undertake the climb be sure you are taking safety precautions such as having a friend watch you climb. The tree is secluded enough that if you get hurt there will be no one there to help you. It also rains significantly in Vancouver, so be cautious of slippery branches. Only climb this tree if you are confident in your abilities, but still be safe and cautious.

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