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Camera Obscura

Cheverie, Nova Scotia

Experience the magic (and science) of a camera with this giant structure that allows you to enter inside the camera. 


In the small town of Cheverie, Nova Scotia, you will find an odd-looking brick structure near a salt marsh trail. This is the Camera Obscura which was built in 2012 by architecture students from Dalhousie Univerity.

The style of the structure is a construction technique called Guastavino, which is named after a Spanish architect from the late 19th century. And keeping consistent with that period, the camera uses the same “old” technology and works as it would have during that time.

The design of the exterior has three overlapping arches. Walking through the darker interior, you will see closed doors. This area is officially the large-scale pinhole camera, that you enter and close the doors behind you for the full effect. When you look up, there is a reflected and upside-down view of the cliffs across the water, and on the concrete floor below you is a real-time projection. 

The small community you drive through to get to the camera obscura is quite beautiful to pass and the structure itself is quite amazing to see.

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There is also a short trail to walk around the salt marsh which is lovely!

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