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Château Frontenac

This lovely, if imposing, piece of Canadian gothic is possibly the most photographed hotel in the world. 


Purpose built as a luxury resort spot even in the late 1800s, the Château Frontenac has remained a stunning example of opulent Victorian architecture ever since, becoming not only the crown jewel of Quebec City, but earning the Guinness World Record for Most Photographed Hotel.

The massive luxury resort was opened in 1893, created as part of a planned series of opulent destinations that would be located along the Canadian Pacific Railway. However the hotel was not finished until 1924 when the central tower was finally completed creating the iconic skyline silhouette that dominates the city today. The hotel is not the tallest building in the city, but it rests atop a cliff that makes it seem much larger than it truly is. This is not to say that the hotel is small by any means, containing over 600 rooms, multiple restaurants and all the modern amenities one might expect from a high-priced resort with more space being added every few decades.     

Canada takes great pride in Quebec City’s architectural diamond, featuring it on a postage stamp along with other iconic Canadian structures. Of course the hotel’s beauty is not lost on visitors either, as it has inspired enough snapshots to earn it the Guinness World Record for Most Photographed Hotel in the World. The Château Frontenac proves that you don’t have to be the tallest to popular, you have to be the prettiest.    

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