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Christ of the Ozarks

This monumental Jesus is often referred to as "Our Milk Carton With Arms." 


Like many of the giant stylized Jesus figures across the globe, the Christ of the Ozarks has developed its own reputation, however for this statue, which was built by one of the sculptors of Mt. Rushmore, that rep is looking like a milk carton.

Erected in 1966 as part of a planned religious theme park the giant Jesus was designed by Emmet Sullivan, one of the sculptors who worked on Mount Rushmore. The figure is seven-stories tall with an almost as impressive wingspan across the figure’s outstretched arms, each of which is said to be able to support three cars hanging from each thanks to its solid concrete and steel design. Ultra-modern in design, a few minimalist contours are all that describe the savior’s robes, and his unadorned visage is markedly expressionless, as is his posture, which is more suggestive of the crucifixion than demonstrative. This simple design has led to the huge statue being nicknamed “Our Milk Carton With Arms” after a particularly scathing review of the project.

The brutalist messiah is accented by an amphitheater at its base that sees an annual passion play that brings visitors from across the country. Some have described the eyes of the Christ of the Ozarks as passionless or simply “dead” but the massive Jesus can be seen for miles around, challenging even its detractors to deny its devotion to the heavens.  

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