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Eureka Springs, Arkansas

Pivot Rock Park

This century-old tourist trap is full of bizarre rock formations. 

Over a century ago someone very smart discovered the astounding rock formations that are now known as Pivot Rock Park, and turned it into a delightful roadside attraction. 

This vintage throwback takes advantage of the strangely stacked natural formations on the land behind their wooden gift shop. The titular rock looks like an upside down pyramid, right down to the stepped ridges on its edges. Other formations on grounds, which are easily accessible via paved paths through the wilderness, include the Natural Bridge formation, that looks just like it sounds, a naturally occurring bridge formation.

According to loca Ozark legend, the area was once home to the Jesse James gang for a time. However it’s true that most every place in the area claims this, so it may simply be an invention created to help the gift shop. Speaking of which, to even get to the rock formations, one must pass through the gift charge and pay a small fee. Sort of like a touristy toll booth. 

There aren’t many of these classic roadside tourist traps along the American byways. Stop by Pivot Rock Park and help support a century long tradition of road trip culture. 


Know Before You Go

Not hard to find at all. It is located on Pivot Rock Road off of Highway 62 West in Eureka Springs.