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Minneapolis, Minnesota

Creative Ironwerks

A Foundry on a Sleepy Street. 

Sequestered on a sleepy street just off Lowry and Washington, this plain looking little compound is anything but.

Made up of a house, a couple additional buildings & garages, and a spacious parking lot, the property houses the workshop of Creative Ironwerks master, Chris, who creates functional iron art pieces such as furniture, hand-made fences, railings, spiral staircases, sculptures, and custom embellishments ie. the actual red stag outside of the Minneapolis restaurant Red Stag Supper Club.

The property’s other garage serves as a workshop for the Black Label Bike Club, whose tailor-made tall bicycles and other two-wheeled spectacles are worked on, tweaked, and customized on-site. Word on the street is that every once in awhile there might even be a band or two rocking out in the parking lot.