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Hollywood Theater

The Art Deco Silver Screen. 


As the name may suggest, the Hollywood Theater was once a crown jewel of the local silver screen circuit.

The theater’s legit silver screen still hangs, though quite a bit worse for the wear. Long vacant, this dilapidated Northeast landmark is now owned by the City of Minneapolis, who have actively been seeking buyers to renovate the art deco-style theater to its former glory. The Hollywood existed as a movie theater from the time of its opening in 1935 until its closing in 1987. It has since been declared an official historic landmark.

Upon entering the theater, its peeling paint, and dusty archways still hold charm and elegance of bygone eras. Details such as curling wrought iron railings, art deco design elements embedded into the floors, and even a rusted out antique popcorn cart whisper spooky secrets tinged with history, glitz, and glam.

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