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Rättvik, Sweden

The unique design of this former quarry provides ideal acoustics for concerts.  


This abandoned former limestone quarry has proven to be the perfect concert venue.

Dalhalla, or Draggängarna as the quarry was previously known, was in operation until 1990. By that time it was a 200-foot (60 meters) deep hole in the ground in the forests outside Rättvik, but it had one feature that would change its future.

The idea of creating a stage in the quarry came from former opera singer Margareta Dellefors in 1991, and the formal inauguration was held four years later. The amphitheater-like shape, in combination with the rugged surface of the walls, dampens echos and creates a soft sound. Operas can be held at the stage without any electronic amplification.

The quarrying of stones created an amphitheater-like pit that proved to have acoustical qualities comparable to the best outdoor stages in Europe. This led to the creation of the Dalhalla stage, a venue located in the quarry offering a unique setting with an astonishing sound for up to 4,000 seated guests and a section for a standing audience in front of the stage.

Dalhalla offers concerts from June to the beginning of September in a wide range of genres from opera, to jazz, pop, and rock. The name is a combination of the Old Norse Valhalla, inspired by Richard Wagner’s operas, and the name of the region it is located in, Dalarna.

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