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Gagnef Flottbron

Gagnef, Sweden

This unique bridge is one of the last of its kind in Sweden.  


A raft bridge is a special kind of pontoon bridge where the road is carried by rafts floating on the water. This was once a common type of bridge in Sweden but today only two remain.

There are drawbacks to raft bridges. Floating on the water, they don’t allow easy passage for boats and were often fitted with a drawbridge. Carrying capacity became a problem for the bridge in 2015. A truck driver tried to drive his truck, weighing 60 metric tons, over the bridge with a maximum capacity of four tons causing significant damage.

Luckily, the bridge survived and was reopened after repairs. The raft bridge, to this day, is a unique example of a once-common site in this region

Know Before You Go

Gagnef is a small town and the bridge is easily found down by the Österdalälven River.

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