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The Easter Egg Museum

Sonnenbühl, Germany

A collection of decorative eggs to admire in the off-season. 


Germany’s only easter egg museum was opened in 1993 as an attraction for tourists after the ski season ends, right around Easter time. During this peak season, the museum hosts international artists to demonstrate the art of egg decoration. The museum celebrates the unique challenge and art of decorating a 3-D surface that must be rotated to view the complete image.

The museum is home to 900 decorated eggs spanning various styles (religious art to popular TV culture to Coca-Cola ads) and decades. You’ll find decorated ostrich eggs and goose eggs in addition to chicken eggs. Many of the eggs were donated by local Sonnenbühl residents.

Easter egg accessories also have a home here. There is a display titled “multi-colored chickens,” and collections of Easter toys, and even decorative egg-holders.

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