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Emley, England

Emley Moor Transmitter Tower

Surprisingly, the tallest freestanding structure in the United Kingdom can be found not in London or any of the country’s major cities. Rather, you’ll find it in the large town of Huddersfield, towering over the town from high up on Emley Moor.  

The Emley Moor transmitting station stands 1,084 feet tall; not only that, its base is 1,949 feet above sea level, imposing over the beautiful rolling moorland.

The tower broadcasts across Yorkshire and the surrounding counties via series of relays and repeaters. It was built in 1969 to replace a even taller 1966 mast (1,266 feet tall) that fell down earlier in the year in the Winter weather.  Prior to that a 443 foot tower from 1956 had supplied television broadcasts to Yorkshire.

Know Before You Go

Sadly the tower is not open to members of the public but is visible from miles around.

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