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Fine Arts Building Atrium

A Romanesque sanctuary of calm amid the bustle of downtown Los Angeles.  


Constructed in 1927 by Albert Raymond Walker and Percy Augustus Eisen, this structure was used to house local artists and galleries. The building atrium is open to the public and a wonder to behold. Dedicated to the arts, many renowned artists lent their talents to its completion. Every square foot of the atrium is filled with innumerable details.

The building has been home to cafes, hairstylists, and many other businesses over the years, while also changing ownership several times over its lifetime. 

Inside, visitors can no longer hear the sounds of traffic outside and the small fountain adds a serene feeling to the interior. The fact that this oasis of art and peace is largely ignored by the hustle and bustle of the city around it makes the atrium even that more magical. This is a bastion of calmness, serenity, and beauty right in the heart of the financial district.

Besides the amazing beauty of the interior space, there is also a rotating selection of amazing artwork to explore. 

Know Before You Go

Opening hours are a bit vague, but if the doors are unlocked, feel free to enter.

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