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Rawtenstall, England

Fitzpatrick's Herbal Health

The last of Britain's booze-free temperance bars has been slinging tee-total tonics for over a century. 

Created during the temperance movement that swept through Lancashire, England and beyond near the end of the 1800s, Fitzpatrick’s Herbal Health shop was the only store to survive through the years as customers drifted back to the bottle.

The quaint white storefront in the town of Rawtenstall first opened its doors in 1890 as part of a surge of Fitzpatrick’s bars springing up in the area, eventually seeing up to 30 locations. Fitzpatrick’s was inspired by the Methodist-backed Temperance Movement that sought to spread the gospel of moderation within the seemingly disastrous culture of drinking that prevailed at the time. To this end, Fitzpatrick’s and other tonic bars like it sold herbal drinks ranging from classics such as ginger beer and sarsaparilla to more exotic draughts like blood tonic and Dandilion and burdock soda.

Unfortunately the allure of getting good and boozy proved too much for the movement that sustained many of the dry bars and most of all of them closed down save for the Rawtenstall Fitzpatrick’s bar which continued to thrive thanks to a devoted customer base.

Today Fitzpatrick’s is the only remaining temperance bar from the era although brand new versions of the sober stores are beginning to appear. Fitzpatrick’s continues to sell its herbal drinks and healthy remedies and has seen a sharp increase in business in recent years, although it is unknown whether this is due to a resurgent interest in sobriety or whether their tasty drinks are being used as mixers in designer cocktails.     

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