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Frederic Remington Art Museum

Ogdensburg, New York

Located on the banks of the St. Lawrence River, this mansion is home to a massive art collection.  


Frederic Remington is best known for his “Bronco Buster” statues and paintings depicting cowboys of the American West. Born in Canton, New York, Remington went on to travel the country as an illustrator for Harper’s Bazaar before becoming a sculptor.

A true cowboy, he absolutely loved the frontier and collected materials to use as props for his illustrations paintings, and sculptures at his New Rochelle, New York Studio. Remington’s fame made him a favorite of Western Army officers fighting the last Native American battles. Some of his paintings are from the Battle at Wounded Knee and Custer’s Last Stand.

The museum in Ogdensburg is dedicated to his life work. It is located in the 1810 Parish Mansion and stands out not only for its age, but also its deep red color. The museum itself was founded in 1923 after his wife, Eva, died. 

Ever since, the collection has expanded through purchases and donations. The ensemble of items includes 18 bronze sculptures, hundreds of paintings and illustrations, as well as more personal items of Remington. His sketchbooks, pages of notes, letters, paint brushes, easel, and photographs are all on display.

Know Before You Go

There is an admission fee:

Adults - $10.00.
Senior adults 65 and over - $9.00.
Student (16 - University) - $7.00.

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