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Lloydminster, Saskatchewan

Fuchs Wildlife Exhibit

This Canadian exhibit with claims as the largest one man taxidermy collection in North America. 

Held in Canada’s Lloydminster Culture and Science Center, the permanent Fuchs Wildlife Exhibit claims to be the largest collection of taxidermy created by one man in North America, and whether or not this claim is true, the collection is a fine example of one man’s dedication to the art of animal preservation. 

Donated to the museum (formerly the Barr Colony Heritage Cultural Center) in 1965, the large collection of animal carcasses are the work of one Nicholas Fuchs, a local citizen whose seemingly singular obsession was posing dead animals into life-like forms. Across almost 1,000 pieces, the collection collects birds, elk, ram, beavers, and more mostly posed in stoic naturalistic poses, although there are a few displays that bring a bit more whimsy to the attraction.

The most famous sight in the collection is the rabbit display which features a number of lagomorphs dressed up like fancy ladies, bartenders, or even a table full of gamblers. In addition to this offbeat display, the collection also hold such rarities as a two-headed cow calf. Whether or not this collection is a record setter, it is certainly memorable.  

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