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Palermo, Italy

Galleria delle Vittorie

An abandoned shopping gallery built during Fascist Italy tucked in the center of Palermo. 

Opened in 1935, the Galleria delle Vittorie (Victory Gallery) was built during Fascist Italy in the style of other shopping arcades in the country at the time. It has sat abandoned since the 1970s. The Galleria has four entrances, each featuring frescoes of some Italy’s “victories,” mostly from the First World War and the Ethiopian War. 

The central arcade has fallen into a somewhat decrepit state. However the outer buildings surrounding the centre still house apartments and hotels. It’s from these and the locked gates the you can see what must have been a stunning undercover shopping area, with mosaic floors and a glass ceiling. 

There have been various efforts to redevelop the deserted building, but none have come to fruition just yet. 

Know Before You Go

The galleria is locked to the public, but opens for access to the apartments surrounding, you can view easily through the entrance gates.