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Palermo, Italy

Vigili del Fuoco

A study of Fascist era Art Deco design in Italy. 

The Vigili del Fuoco of Palermo dates back to the mid-19th century; the current structure was commissioned and completed at the height of the Fascist era in the 1930s.  It is an example of the Art Deco aesthetic that dominated the designs of Mussolini’s team of architects.  

The monolithic tower and various rectilinear and curvilinear adornments are typical of the style. Il Duce tended to favor Art Deco draftsmen in building his New Rome. Similar architecture from the Fascist era can be found scattered throughout both Italy as well as her many colonial holdings in Africa. 

Know Before You Go

The firehouse is located within walking distance of Palermo's famed Teatro Massimo.

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