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Greenville, Ohio

Garst Museum

A small town museum celebrates the history of the Ohio county that produced Annie Oakley and other famous figures. 

The Garst Museum in the small western Ohio town of Greenville celebrates the history of Darke County and famous Dark County natives such as Annie Oakley and writer/broadcaster Lowell Thomas, whose work made Lawrence of Arabia famous. 

What makes the Garst unique and interesting is the view of history through the lens of Darke County. There are exhibits of military, aeronautic, native american, frontier, and wild west history that showcase Darke County’s role in them. From Greenville’s own Zachary Lansdowne’s lighter than air craft and eventual crash of the USS Shenandoah, to Lewis and Clark’s meeting at Fort Greenville, to Blue Jacket’s signing of the Treaty of Greenville; Darke County has played an important, yet understated and often overlooked role in American history and there’s no better way to learn about it that by visiting the Garst House.

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