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Glitter Mountain

This old selenite mine is dotted with tiny crystals that make it shimmer like it's covered in glitter. 

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This “mountain” glitters in the sun, thanks to the small crystals that freckle its slopes. The mountain is actually an old selenite mine. It’s still deeded to the mine owners, though it’s managed by the Bureau of Land Management.  It has a brief history and synopsis of selenite and its uses. 

It’s possible to wander among the small selenite deposits sparkling along the edges of the small pit. 

The active mine is not managed by the BLM. The BLM leases the mineral rights to this public property to the mine owner. The owner does not want anyone going into the pit or removing large crystals. If visitors continue to do so, he has indicated he will put a fence around it.

Know Before You Go

You can park close by the sign. You can climb down in the open pit (just 20 to 30 feet deep) and explore, and the selenite is plentifully dotted around all the mining area. It's safe to explore, though it's not handicap accessible. Please respect the landowner's wishes and do not take anything from the mine. The site's postal address is Littlefield, Ariz., but it is closer to St. George, Utah, and visitors need to approach from Utah.

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