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Good Luck Gas Station

One of the last Art Deco gas station still standing in Dallas. 


This Art Deco gas station, built in the winter of 1939 by the Good Luck Oil Company (GLOCO), was inspired by a trip to the Texas Centennial at Fair Park in 1936. The gas station was one of three in Dallas to be designed in such a style.

The gas station was designed by the owner of GLOCO himself, Mr. Wilemon (and his brother) who oversaw every phase of its construction. The building boasts a 35-foot tall stepped tower and white stucco walls. When the structure was originally built the tower was covered in neon lights to attract customers.

The gas station closed in 1973 following the Arab oil embargo and was abandoned until restoration efforts were underway to repair damage by arsonists in the early 1990s. Since then, the gas station has been used as an office space and is a registered Dallas landmark.

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