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Klamath Falls, Oregon

Old Fort Road Gravity Hill

This strange hill on Old Fort Road where gravity works in reverse has been fascinating locals for years. 

A strange stretch of road, or spot specifically, on Old Fort Road where gravity appears to work in reverse. Pour out water and it runs up hill, cars roll up hill too. While repaving changed the effect somewhat, it still works - particularly at night. There are hundreds of local folklore reasons why it occurs. The event starts roughly 50 yards up the hill (east) from the Old Fort Road gravel quarry on the right, down the hill approx. 3/8 of a mile down from the site of a WWII military medical base at the crest of the hill. 

Know Before You Go

Head down Old Fort Road, you will pass the landfill and begin heading up the hill, after a curve you come to a spot where it is, there is no address atm.

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