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Krutbanan (Gunpowder Track)

This railroad track was so secretive that it was omitted from all maps. 


These pathways found in the cities of Solna and Sundbyberg, were once home to train tracks that were used to transport important military cargo across the countryside. The tracks ran from the Northern Main Line just north of Ulriksdal to Tygförvaltningen. They were hidden in the forest and were primarily used to move munitions. This is how these mysterious tracks garnered their moniker. 

The actual tracks were removed long ago, but at the end of the road, visitors will find a platform next to a sealed gate leading to a mysterious hill. These military bunkers and facilities display the location’s history. 

Today, the Gunpowder Track is a popular recreational area, however, few know that these paths were the foundation for a military railroad. 

Know Before You Go

The Gunpowder Track can be found in Sundbyberg and Sonia, a few kilometers from the metro station Hallonbergen.

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