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Helios House

First LEED-certified gas station in the United States. 


“Eco-friendly” is probably one of the last adjectives one would use to describe a gas station, but the BP gas company has taken on its first green gas station initiative with the Helios House.

Located in Los Angeles, California, on the busy intersection of Robertson and Olympic, the futuristic-looking Helios House is an environmentally friendly gas station that incorporates green themes into its design and operating structure.

Simply advertised as a “little greener” than the average pump station, the Helios House features a LEED-certified gas pump, ninety solar panels, and attendants who dish out tips on sustainability instead of pumping gas.

The building features a geometric stainless steel design that was partially constructed using salvaged materials from the former gas station on site. The pavement consists of concrete mixed with recycled glass, which reduces the amount of heat absorption throughout the day. The public restroom also features tiles made from recycled glass, as well as a digital jukebox that allows occupants to create a music playlist while inside.

The Helios House is an experimental project designed to inform and encourage people on the balance between using energy and exercising social responsibility. To that end, patrons are free to pick up a “postcard you can plant,” which contains seeds embedded into the paper fibers.

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