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High Roller

One of the world's tallest Ferris wheels takes visitors high above Las Vegas in a spinning party room. 


Technically known as an “observation wheel,” Las Vegas’ titanic spinning attraction known as the High Roller spins its riders hundreds of feet above the Strip and in true Vegas fashion, encourages everyone to keep partying the whole time. 

The High Roller was opened in 2014 as part of the larger Linq shopping development but broke the world’s record instantly upon its completion. At 550 feet tall and 520 feet in diameter the massive wheel beat out the previous record-holder (the Singapore Flyer) by nine feet of height. Spinning on a couple of colossal ball bearings weighing over 19,000 pounds each, the wheel can handle over a thousand passengers at once spread out among the 28 passenger pods. The spherical cabins themselves spin on their own axis, making sure that the riders are always upright and never feel so much as a minor lurch along their ride.  

The High Roller being in Las Vegas, the entire wheel is rigged with neon lights that can be programmed to flash patterns, designs, and colors for holidays, special occasions, or just because the sun has gone down. Also unlike most county fair versions of a ferris wheel guests are ushered past a handful of bars on their way to the ride making sure that no one has to take in the impressive view sober. Just as Las Vegas would have it.  

Know Before You Go

Entrance is one block east of the Las Vegas Strip, near the intersection of Linq Lane and Winnick Ave. Go north on Linq Ln from E. Flamingo Road, or take the monorail to the Harrahs & The Linq station. Valet parking or self-park for free in the structure for The Linq.

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