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Jacques Chocolate Museum

Eupen, Belgium

Museum covers every step of the chocolate-making process, from cultivation to the finished product. 

Sorry, Jacques Chocolate Museum is permanently closed.

Founded in 1896, the Jacques chocolate factory fills the entire industrial area of Eupen with the sweet smell of sugar. The museum, dedicated to all things chocolate, is situated in one annex of the factory and considers itself educational: The focus is to show and explain to visitors the chocolate-making process.

The museum covers every step of the process from the cultivation and treatment of cocoa all the way to the creation of finished products. It also includes exhibits that work to highlight the various ceremonial rituals that accompany or have accompanied the tasting of chocolates in different cultures. These exhibits include 18th and 19th century porcelain pieces used to present the delicacy, different advertising methods, and automatic vending machines used for the distribution of chocolate.

At one point in the tour - either guided or self-lead - visitors can stand on a footbridge high above the factory floor and watch as chocolate is made below.

Of course, visitors are encouraged to stop by the Chocolate House before leaving to pick up some treats to take home.




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