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Keith Haring Mural

Collingwood, Australia

A large Melbourne wall is home to an iconic work of art from one of the world's most renowned street artists. 


Those who have an interest in the art world will instantly recognize this Melbourne wall mural as the work of Keith Haring. Haring was born in 1958 and was known for being one of the main figures who brought street art into the mainstream sphere. His social activism and philanthropic values made Haring an iconic character and his murals are just one legacy he left behind. 

This mural in Collingwood was painted in Melbourne in 1984 during a visit by Haring. It is one of only 31 known murals across the world by Haring that still remain, and this is one of the few in remarkable condition. Due to the local, national, and international significance of this site, it’s now part of the state-wide Victorian Heritage Register which gives it special importance and protection. The site is now managed by Creative Victoria, who has set up an information sign and continues to protect the mural to this day. 

Haring’s life was tragically cut short in 1990 due to AIDS-related complications. This mural is just one of the remarkable artworks he left during his short, yet remarkable career.

Know Before You Go

The Keith Haring Mural is easily found on Johnston Street. There is an information sign set up by Arts Victoria to read about the history of the site. 

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